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Bruno Balasso

V.lo San Cristoforo, 4 B/1

36014  - Santorso  (VI)  ITALY





Born in 1961, I live in Santorso, a little city near Vicenza, in northern Italy.

In 1999 I received my license as IW3HXR and I began to operate in VHF and UHF.Since 2005 I'm operative in HF in SSB, CW and digi modes, RTTY and JT65.

I like very much contest specially in RTTY.




      RTX e Power Amplifiers




Now I am also operative in microwaves at 3 and 6 cm in portable activity.    




         PST 54      by Prosistel     4 el. Yagi  (5 bands)
         Inverted Vee  dipole  Home Made  (80 mt)
         Inverted Vee  dipole  Home Made  (30 - 40 mt)
         GP-7 by SP7GXP (6mt to 40mt) Multiband vertical antenna
         19 el. LLY  by I3DLI (Log-Loop-Yagi) (2 mt
         25 el. Yagi by I0JXX  (70 cm)
          5 el. Yagi by I0JXX  Home made  (6 mt)
         Diamond X50  (Vhf - Uhf  FM)


         MicroHam MK2R+
         MicroHam MicroKeyer II


         Begali Magnetic Pro
         Begali Simplex Mono
         Palm Radio Mini Paddle